OOP with C++

C++ is a widely used language due to its power. C++ was designed with a bias to serve in applications with high performance, efficiency and also flexibility as it is used in many fields including desktop applications, embedded systems, and servers and in the performance of critical applications.
After learning syntax and semantics of C++ you will learn how to use them to build a powerful application by learning OOP techniques and how to get an optimized algorithm that helps in enhancing the performance of your code.


Learn C++ & Object oriented programming, and become familiar with standard template library


  1. Getting started with C++
  2. Classes and objects
  3. Inheritance and polymorphism
  4. Template classes and functions
  5. Intro to STL (optional)
  6. Intro to design patterns (optional)
  7. Intro to multithreading (optional)


Strong knowledge in C programming as we will not discuss the parts that are common between C and C++ in this course


Eng. Ahmed Samy

Course length

About 6 sessions,
Each session is 2.5 hours


Members: 90
Non-members: 100

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