Steve Jobs

The computer is nearly the only invention we didn’t know who is the creator or who is the inventor of it.
It’s known that Macintosh was invented by Steve Jobs; but the real inventor was a company called Xerox PARC, a company we know now as Xerox for its printers and copying machines with awesome software. The origin of the story was when Steve Jobs visited Xerox PARC, he was surprised by the GUI, mouse and some other technologies.

The problem was that the founders didn’t understand that they had an invention that would make them number one in the computer industry; however, they gave it to Steve to do something useful out of it. Steve Jobs took this invention and made small changes with GUI and made the Macintosh the first PC.
We learn from Steve Jobs to take every single chance and to make no excuses, As Xerox PARC try to use your resources before giving up them.

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