Real Theater Extreme

'‘The way it was meant to be played’’ that’s Nvidia slogan which represents the aim of the company. The mission of this aim is to boost the realism of graphics. On Sept. 20, 2018, Nvidia announced new graphics cards called RTX(Real Theater Extreme) which work on machine learning performance, raytracing and other technologies.RTX cards help Nvidia to achieve their goal and make us motivated to use this type of cards in different fields in our life.
Specifications of these cards are high speed, high efficiency, low power, and a boost speed of 1635 MHz. However, what is interesting in these cards is its DLSS (Deep Learning Supersampling) an exclusive tech in these cards which runs on an AI tensor core and has many functions:
1-Help in the main idea of these cards graphics reinvented
2-Breakthrough in high-quality motion image generation and help in rendering videos
3-Has an algorithm to upgrade the quality of the pictures in 1080 p to 4k as good as usual techniques
If you like to know more about these cards, check these links below
Video to explain the picture below.
for all details of these features
more explanation
Benchmark for the cards performance on some games

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