Machine learning

Machine learning lets machines learn by experience and acquire skills without human involvement. But how exactly is this happening?
First let’s ask a question, what happens exactly when you try a new thing for the first time?
The first time is a disaster, you should probably go and watch more examples for the thing you try to learn.
The second time is still a disaster, repeat again and by the third time, things seem to get better.
But after a whole year of watching, learning and practising, you become a master.
Fortunately, machines now take a similar approach in life, you feed the machine with a bunch of data and ask them to make a decision.
The first time is also a disaster, but with feedback and enough number of iterations, it gains enough experience to make a better decision.
The only difference here is that machines don’t need one year of learning to master things; in most cases, half an hour is enough.
And that’s exactly what describes the power of Machine Learning.
That Power which helped this wonderful field to grow exponentially in the past 10 years and becomes the dream of our future.

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